SBS horses rocking Coachella

International 12/03/2019
GOTHAM CITY P.L. (Filou de Muze/Final Shot – breeders: P.&Th. Lejeune in B-8690 Alveringem) ridden by Ömer Karaevli (TUR) (picture (c) Sunshine Tour)
GOTHAM CITY P.L. (Filou de Muze/Final Shot – breeders: P.&Th. Lejeune in B-8690 Alveringem) ridden by Ömer Karaevli (TUR) (picture (c) Sunshine Tour)

Last week was full of victories and placings during the HITS Coachella Desert Circuit. Starting with the YCJ 7 Years-Old 1.30m event, where Matt Archer and GHOST DE LONGCHAMPS (Deauville van T&L/Clinton – breeders: M. & Mrs. Rigo-Burtin in B-4300 Waremme) won the first place. In the $30,000 SmartPak Grand prix, DIEGO DU POINT DU JOUR aka POMEROLE (Vivaldi du Seigneur/Clinton – breeder: M. Vassart in B-5140 Tongrinne) and his ridder Patricio Pasquel (MEX) claimed the 6th place. Laura Hite (USA) brought CALYPSO VAN DE ZUUTHOEVE (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/ Thunder van de Zuuthoeve – breeder: R. Vets in B-2500 Lier) yet to another great ranking with, this time, a 3th place in the $70,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix. With regards to the Desert Circuit VII *, it is DRAGONFLY DE LONGCHAMPS (E.O.) (Clinton/Toulon – breeder: M. Rigo in B-4300 Waremme), – mother of the 7-Years-Old 1.30m winner Ghost de Longchamps –, that promoted the SBS studbook by ranking herself 11th of the 1.40m Horseflight Jumper with Vani Khosla (USA).

At the Winter Equestrian Festival 8, both EXOTIK SITTE (Ogano Sitte (E.T.)/Clinton – breeder: D. Boudrenghien in B-7904 Pipaix) and CURBY DU SEIGNEUR (Doree VD Moskifarm/Ogano Sitte (E.T.) – breeder: M. Vanlangendonck in B-7387 Honnelles) won the 8th place respectively in the 1.40m Speed Challenge and the 1.30m Open Jumper.

On week 9, the 1.35m Open Jumper event saw Jonathon Millar (CA) aboard CAMIL DU PARC DU MENOBU (Del Piero P&B/ Or de Mai – breeder: M.L. Fatzaun in B-4910 Theux) taking the 5th place.  Nothing can stop CAPICHE 'TER ELZEN' (E.O.) (Bamako de Muze/Vigo d’Arsouilles – breeder: W. Heuninckx in B-9170 Sint-Pauwels) and Diego Javier Vivero Viteri (ECU), ranking themselves 2nd place of the 1.45m CSI5*, adding one more podium to their hit list. Finally, William Whitaker (GBR) riding CADEAU DE MUZE (E.T.) (Nabab de Rêve/Almeo – breeder: J. De Brabander in B-9100 Sint-Niklaas) took the 4th place of the 1.40m CSI5*.

The European side is not to be outdone, with a plethora of victories as well. First, in France, DIPLOMAT (Kashmir van Schuttershof/Darco – breeder: N. Claeys in B-8640 Oostvleteren) and Filippo Marco Bologni (ITA) won the Villeneuve Loubet CSI2* 1.45m, and, as it was not enough for them, they reiterated the victory, but this time in the CSI2* 1.45m Grand Prix. DIEU MERCI V' T MEULENHOF (Bamako de Muze/Quidam de Revel – breeder: M. Van Lombergen in B-9140 Temse) and Yves Houtackers (NED) took the 1.40m victory at the Sunshine Tour (CSI3*) in Vejer de la Frontera (ESP).

AMIRAL DE MAUGRÉ (Schilling/Umour de Fenaud – breeder: O. Normand in F-08110 Carignan) under the saddle of Giorgio Sacco (ITA) as well as VEGAS DE STE-HERMELLE (Ogano Sitte/Atilas d'Autan - breeder: Élevage de Ste-Hermelle in B-6181 Gouy-lez-Piéton) ridden by Michael Aabo (DEN) won over 1.30 m at the CSI2* of Gorla Minore (ITA) and Herning (DEN), respectively. As for DARK LADY DU VAL DU GEER (R.O. +) (Toulon/Kashmir van Schuttershof - breeder: J. Ghuysens in B-4690 Wonck) and ridder Camille Conde Ferreira (FRA), it is a victory in the 1.35m event, and for TELEMAQUE (Quick Star/Paladin des Ifs - breeder: R. Lescanne in F-76560 Gonzeville) ridden by his breeder it is a win in the 1.30 event, both at the CSI1* of Royan (FR).

Let’s not forget about the excellent behaviour of the young SBS horses engaged in the CSIYH, such as the 7-years-old GOTHAM CITY P.L. (R.O.+) (Filou de Muze/Final Shot – breeders: P.& Th. Lejeune in B-8690 Alveringem) newly ridden by Ömer Karaevli (TUR), which added two more victories to his already long list of first places in young horse events, while IZOARD DU HOUSSOIT (Spartacus/Doree vd Moskifarm - breeder: Horse of Belgium in B-7904 Pipaix) and Dominique Hendrickx (BEL) also took a nice victory in the 5 years category. In Gorla Minore, Italy, the 7-years-old GIULIA DU HOUSSOIT (R.O.+) (Button Sitte/Sherman Sitte - breeder: Horse of Belgium in B-7904 Pipaix) under the saddle of Martina Meroni (SUI) and GRAIN D'OR DE L'HERSE (Toulon/Sherman Sitte - breeder: M. Bar in B-7063 Chaussée-Notre-Dame) ridden by Aurelia Loser (SUI), as well as the 6-years-old HELWELL DU CHABUS (Elvis ter Putte/Orlando - breeder: F. Legros in Virton) associated with Virginie Thonon (BEL) have also obtained fine results over the last weeks. (ML)