Management of the studbook

One of the basic activities of Studbook SBS is to register the new born foals under their dam and to provide to every new registred horse, his own individual and non falsifiable passport.

Since 1993, the Royal Belgian Sports Horse Society (FBRSE), proposes to his breeders a real international passport, conform to the European directives concerning the identification and the free circulation of horses. This international passport, called the SBS BLUE BOOK, is officially agreed by the Ministery of Agriculture and the Wallonia Region, by the Royal Belgian Federation of Equestrian Sports, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), and every international breeding organisation. Every foal, registred by birth at the Royal Belgian Sports Horse Society, will receive this international passport. Today, more than 25.000 SBS BLUE BOOKS are circulating!

Competitions and approval

The stallion approval, better known as the "INTERNATIONAL SELECTION SHOW" , is undoubtly the most important event of the year for the breeding of the SBS horse, because the future of the race is intimately linked to  the choice of his sires.
The edition to come of the official stallion approval will take place in March 2017 in the riding school of Gesves (Ecole Provinciale d’Elevage et d’Equitation). The choice of the future sires is very strict: after veterinary tests at one of the two principal universitary veterinary schools in Belgium (UGent or ULiège), or another European university center of the owner’s choice, the stallion candidate will be evaluated by his pedigree, his type, and according of his age and/of experience in sports (jumping, dressage, eventing), free jumping or jumping/dressage under the saddle. The preservation of his approval for stud will depend on his results in the official tests for Young Horses in Belgium and abroad.
Details about competitions en approvals (program, starting lists, results) can be seen by clicking “Agenda”, “Horses/Stallions” and/or “Selection Show”.
Studbook SBS organizes or collaborates actively to following events:

  • The Official Breeding Competitions (foals, yearlings, mares, mares with foal)
  • The Official Competitions for 2- year olds (T2): Type and movements in hand + loose jumping).
  • The Official Competitions for 3- year olds (T3): Type and movements in hand and under the sattle + loose jumping).
  • The Official Competitions for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year olds (T4-T5-T6-T7): The Classic Cycle in collaboration with FBRSE (Royal Belgian Federation for Equestrian Sports) and the Region Leagues (LEWB – VLP).


Studbook SBS is present on regular bases at important equestrian events in Belgium and abroad. The representatives of our studbook are at the disposal of the visitors for information and answers to their questions.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Wallonia Region, the A.P.A.Q-W (Regional Agency for Quality Agriculture) and AWEX (Wallonia Export Agency), Studbook SBS can effectively participate to important international meetings, such as those in Verona, Bordeaux, Saint-Lô, Gijon, Lissabon, El Jadida, Peking, Athens, Istanbul, in the USA, South-Africa etc …


The members who paid their fee are automatically receiving SBS Magazine. This trimesterly edition keeps the members informed on the Society and on everything concerning the SBS horses and equestrian sports in general: regulations, dates and results of competition, professional comments and pictures, statements of meetings, reports, portraits of interesting horse-people, results of stallion tests etc …

Our members have also “MySBS” at their disposal. This personal space gives them acces to lots of personalised functions. They also receive personalized electronical posts through MySBS.


Our website, which you are visiting right now, gets updated regularly. So, the surfers everywhere in the world, have access to:

  • The “Database”: free of charge with more than 100.000 horses (pedigrees, performances, production)
  • The agenda: including reglementation and program of different contests and approvals where we are closely involved, but also electronical forms allowing a very easy subscription.
  • News: the performances of our representatives in sports but also lots of information in real time.


Following publications can be find on our website:

  • An alphabetical list of all products with their complete pedigree, date of birth, identification code (UELN) an chipnumber
  • A list of the production of each breeder, by affix  
  • A list by number of all SBS born foals
  • A list of the offspring classified by sire, with mention of the sex and the damline of each product.