The SBS passport is value for money

  1. Conform to the European directives

Studbook SBS has always been a precursor! So you don't have to worry at all, because with our passport your horse(s) can move everywhere in the world.

  1. Full pedigree certificate, graphic description, UELN, Microchip and systematical DNA determination for your offspring.

Every necessary information has been taking care of. All our graphic descriptions are established in a very professional way, because they are made by the veterinary-identifier of your choice. He also takes care of the implantation of the electronic transponder (microchip). The protocol of the DNA test completes the passport once the parental control is established.

  1. Ownership document

As from 2015 you receive the ownership document with the passport of your horse. Please put these paper in a safe place, away from the passport. Because the ownership document can be very useful when needed.

  1. Automatical registration in the national database

The Belgian Confederation of the Horse (CBC-BCP) takes care of the national database ( for all horses and their owners. This was required by the European Union and soon all EU countries will be connected to each other. When you choose for SBS, every data concerning your offspring, will be automatically transfered to HorseID. Another facility just for you!

  1. Value for money

The price of the SBS passport is 120 euros (VAT 21%) for Belgium, 135 euros (VAT 21%) for Europe and 160 dollars (VAT 21%) for the rest of the world. You will receive a conform invoice. Finding better is simply impossible!