The Board of Directors

The Royal Belgian Sports Horse Society is controlled by a Board of Directors. The members of this board are:

  • Patrick DONNAY, President
  • Jacques FRASELLE, Vice-President
  • Laurence MEUNIER, Secretary-General
  • Nicolas BOUDRENGHIEN, Treasurer
  • Benoit DEVILLERS, Member
  • Ludovic HAMMER, Member
  • Xavier HANNETON, Member
  • Marc PIERSON, Member

The Board of Directors meets once a month to take into consideration every question related to the activities of the Society. A representative of the Wallonia Region (Board of Product Quality) can also be present at this meeting. This person ensures that the taken decisions are in line with the regulations of the Breeding Service of the Wallonia Region.

Acceding Members

Any person (physical or moral) can become a member of Studbook SBS, by paying the annuel membership fee. The amount of this fee in Belgium is 90.10 euros (VAT), for other European countries 106 euros (VAT) and 1555 USD for the rest of the world. This membership fee covers the civil year and is requested as from January.

Effective members

48 effective members are elected from the totality of the acceding members. The Board of Directors, composed of 12 members, is choosen amongst them.

General Assembly of effective members

The General Assembly is composed of all effective members. Their meeting is once a year en if necessary the General Assembly elects new Directors and new members of the Jury. The General Assembly grants discharge to the Directors considering the management of the Society, approves the budget, checks the accounts etc …

General meeting of members

This is a forum for all members. The President brings his annual presentation and the Secretary-General presents his report of the previous year.
The calendar of the competitions of next season is also established and the proposals of the members are notified.

Daily Management

Mrs Anne-Françoise FABRY is in charge as secretary. Communication and public relations are entrusted to Mr Frédéric BASTIEN. Responsible for international relations are entrusted to Mrs Morgane LIBOTTE