The final World Cup begins this Thursday at Göteborg.

International 04/04/2019
VENUE D’FEES DES HAZALLES (E.O.) (Président/Alcatraz) and Eve Jobs (USA) (photo archives)
VENUE D’FEES DES HAZALLES (E.O.) (Président/Alcatraz) and Eve Jobs (USA) (photo archives)

4 SBS horses among the finalists!

We’ve never seen this before: 4 SBS ambassadors will be on the departure of the final World Cup this weekend in Scandinavia. The names of our 4 musketeers, under Belgian, Swedish and American saddle are : H&M ALL-IN (breeder : B. Huijbregts à NL-4891 Pv Rijsbergen – Rider : P. Fredericsen), VENUE D'FEES DES HAZALLES (E.O.) (Breeder : D. Lamette à BE-6940 Barvaux-Sur-Ourthe – Rider : E. Jobs), CASANOVA DE L'HERSE (Breeder : M. Bar à BE-7063 Chaussee-Notre-Dame-Louvignie – Rider : F. Jr Mathy), DELUX VAN T & L (Breeder :  L. Tilleman à BE-9180 Moerbeke-Waas – Rider : N. Bruynseels). They will be in the hand of the best riders in the world and to get there they already achieve impressive performances in the qualifying rounds and many Grands Prix. Follow the event on FEI TV. The hunter show this Thursday evening will be decisive for the provisional ranking and will already give us some indications regarding a possible hope for a medal for one of our 4 representatives. But the competition will be rough …

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