Section I/ Section II

Section I of Studbook SBS (Type Sport Horse) is destinated to:

  • The products of an approved stallion for one of the three autorised Belgian studbooks (SBS, BWP and Z)
  • The products of an approved stallion for a foreign studbook, at the essential condition that this studbook is a member of the A-list of WBFSH (World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses)
  • Every product sired by a sport stallion not conform to the conditions above, but having obtained an individuel positive note from the Approval Commission (Thoroughbreds, Arabians, trotters …)
  • Every product, sired by a stallion, not approved for a studbook recognized by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH), only when this stallion is holder of a full pedigree (3 known generations) (product registred in BOOK B of Studbook SBS).

Section II of Studbook SBS (Type Sport Pony) is destinated to:

  • Every product sired by a stallion type Sport Pony, approved for one of the following studbooks: SBS Pony, New-Forest Pony, BRP and Connemara Pony (non-limited list that can be updated by the Board of Directors).
  • Every product out of a pony mare sired by a sport stallion, conform to the prescriptions of Section I.
  • Every product of 1m48 maximum height at adult age, even if sired by a sport stallion, ruled by the prescriptions of Section I, and out of a mare responding to the presciptions of the Sport Horse type.


Regarding the size obtained at adult age, the product can move from one section to the another after the explicite demand of the owner and the submission of a veterinary certificate.