Covering certificates

A product can be registered at birth in the SBS Studbook on presentation of a covering certificate, either in digital or paper format. At the birth of the product, the digital covering certificate can be automatically converted into a birth declaration, with simultaneous registration of the product in the SBS Studbook and identification in the Belgian central HorseId database. (The latest only applies for the foals born in Belgium)

SBS approved stallions

The covering certificate is issued by the SBS Studbook

The stallion owner or its agent will pay a yearly fixed amount (190€ excl. VAT) including all the administrative and promotional fees, namely: 

  • Unlimited use of the new “SireCloud®” program to manage and deliver covering certificates.
  • Following-up and promoting the stallion’s competition performances (online display for breeding and sport)
  • Constant updating of the website ("Horses" tab,  “approved stallions” section) with pictures, videos, pedigree, breeding stations, etc.

Stallions approved in another Studbook, Belgian or foreign, A member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) or by a sport pony approved Studbook.

  • The covering certificate is issued by the Studbook the stallion is approved in
  • The covering certificate is issued by the SBS Studbook on the condition that the inseminator certifies being in possession of a free right of ownership and/or exploitation of the stallion semen. In such case, the inseminator shall first request a limited access to the SireCloud® program (administrative costs: 60 € excl. VAT per certificate).

Non-approved stallions

The SBS Studbook reserves the right to refuse to issue a covering certificate for a stallion who does not fulfil the zootechnical and/or administrative conditions stipulated in its regulations.