Health Label

The Health Label (L.S.) is an upgrade of the physical integrity of our broodmares and their possibilities to produce healthy offspring. This label can be given to broodmares and young mares (as from the age of 2 years), possessing a microchip identification.

Only the breeders who payed their fee to Stud-Book SBS during the year of application, will be qualified to receive a Health Label.
The Health Label is granted based on the result of a radiological assesment (preferably digital), whose contents are detailled in annex.
The medical fees are at the owner’s expense. 
De digital files (or clichés), possibly accompanied by the protocol of the radiologist, are send to Stud-Book SBS and submitted to a Reading Committee, composed of representants of the veterinary faculties of Liège and Gent. This Committee returns his opinion (positive/negative) to the Board of Directors. The decision to attribute or not the Health Label shall be taken by the Board of Directors.
The mention “Health Label” (L.S.) will appear on every official document (pedigree, starting lists, results …) related to the specific mare.

Download veterinary protocol