Book A/ Book B

Are registrable in BOOK A of Studbook SBS:

  • Every product sired by stallions approved for one of the three autorised studbooks for sport horses in Belgium (SBS, BWP and Z)
  • Every product sired by approved stallions for a foreign studbook, at the essential condition that this studbook is a member of the A-list of WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses).
  • Every product sired by sport stallions not conform to the conditions above, but having obtained an individual positive note of the Approval Commission (for example Thoroughbreds, Arabians, trotters etc … )
  • Every product sired by a pony stallion type Sports Pony, approved for one of the next studbooks: SBS Pony, New-Forest Pony, BRP and Connemara Pony (this is a non-limited list and can be updated by the Approval Commission.

Are registrable in BOOK B of Studbook SBS:

To adress the preoccupations of some breeders wishing to register foals sired by non-approved stallions, and to comply with an European directive, the Board of Directors of SBS decided to autorise the use of semen of stallions, not approved in a studbook recognized by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH), regarding following conditions:

  • The non-approved stallion must be holder of a complete pedigree (3 known generations for horses, 2 known generations for pony’s).
  • A written demand must be adressed to Studbook SBS and an order form should be completed.
  • The determination of the DNA typing will be done by Studbook SBS. The expenses will be payed by the owner (60 euros + VAT 21%).
  • The registration of the unborn product will be done at the same conditions of the registration of a product sired by an approved stallion in a studbook member of WBFSH.
  • The product will appear in BOOK B of Studbook SBS and a valid passport will be edited.