Belgian Young Horse Classic Cycle 2019 – the kickoff

National 08/04/2019
(picture (c) FEI)
(picture (c) FEI)

This weekend, the competition in Meerdonk (BEL) marked the beginning of the 2019 edition of the Classic Cycle for Young Horses. More than 1 000 horses aged 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old headed to East Flanders for the first round of a 9-round Cycle ending on the 21st of July.

SBS Ambassadors performed really well during this first confrontation: among the 4-year-olds, 35 candidates of whom 5 SBS approved stallions achieved a clear round, climbing at the top-ranking. The 5-year-olds did pretty much the same, with a clear round for 34 SBS horses, of whom 3 SBS approved stallions. It is true that for many of them, this return to competition sounded like a confirmation of the talent they shown during their first competition season in 2018 since we find, among others,  ILICE DE LA BRISERIE (Dayton Sitte/Appart –  breeder: A. Dubois in B-7991 Baudour), 3rd in the 4-y-o Cycle with 8 clears over 9 participations in 2018. Among the 6-year-olds, we will mention the double-clear of 7 horses registered at birth at the SBS Studbook as well as one approved stallion. Finally, for the 7-year-olds, one SBS horse achieved double-clear.

And all this is only the beginning because while some horses enter the competition at the very start of the season, others may only be entering later in the Cycle.

Next appointment: 18-21st of April in Basècles.

Full results : here