Breeding card / Insemination certificate

Each foal is eligible for Registration at birth with Studbook SBS on presentation of a breeding card (delivered by the stallion owner of his representative) or an insemination certificate (delivered by the insemination center).

  1. The foals by sires approved with Studbook SBS are registered exclusively on the presentation of a legal breeding card, delivered by Studbook SBS.
    The SBS breeding cards are sent to the stallion owners as part of the annual fee (180 € ) including:
  • the maintenance of the stallion’s approval and all administrative associated tasks;

  • 25 breeding cards (supplementary cards can be obtained at following conditions: 1 card 30 € / 5 cards 60 € / 10 cards 100 €)

  • the follow up and promotion of performances in breeding competition and/or sport;

  • the permanent update of our website with elemental information (pictures, videos, pedigree, production, breeding farms, etc…)

  1. The foals by sires approved with another Belgian or foreign Studbook, A member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses* (WBFSH), are eligible for registration at birth with Studbook SBS :
  • On presentation of a breeding card delivered by the concerned Studbook, without supplementary fee
  • On presentation of an insemination certificate delivered by an insemination center (50 € per certificate).
  1. Important remark

The Registration fee (110 €) is also inclusivethe genetic markers of the foal (DNA) and the parental verification!

* This rule is not available for the sport ponies.