Service fees 2019 (amounts are VATexcl)

Annual membership fee (VAT 6%)​

Belgium 75 €
Europe 90 €
Other countries 145 $

Foal registration (VAT 21%)​

The registration fee includes, besides the issue of a conform passport, also the genetic markers (DNA) of the foal with parental verification of the sire and the dam.
Belgium / Europe 110 €
Other countries 125 $
Supplement to consider for a late registration: 50 % the first year after birth year, 100 % the following years

One DNA analysis (VAT 21%)​

Belgium / 60 €
Other countries : contact us (

Change of ownership (VAT 21%)

Belgium / Europe 25 €
Other countries 50 $

Bring an existent passport into conformity (issue a new passport in compliance with the EU norms) – (VAT 21%)​

Belgium / Europe 60 €

Duplicate passport (VAT 21%)

Belgium / Europe 180 €
Other countries 200 $

Breeding card / Insemination certificate (VAT 21 %)

Every foal is registered at birth with Studbook SBS on presentation of

- a breeding card (delivered by the stallion owner or his/her agent)
- an insemination certificate (delivered by the insemination center).


1. The foals by stallions, approved in Studbook SBS, are only eligible for registration with Studbook SBS on presentation of a breeding card in due form issued by Studbook SBS.

The SBS breeding cards are delivered to the stallion owners as part of the annual stallion package (180 €) including:

  • the maintenance of the stallion’s approval and all administrative associated tasks;
  • 25 breeding cards (supplementary cards can be obtained at following conditions: 1 card 30 € / 5 cards 60 € / 10 cards 100 €)
  • the follow up and promotion of performances in breeding competition and/or sport;
  • the permanent update of our website with elemental information (pictures, videos, pedigree, production, breeding farms, etc…)

2. The foals by stallions, approved in other Belgian or foreign A Member Studbooks of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses** (WBFSH) are eligible for registration with Studbook SBS

  • on presentation of a breeding card issued by the concerned Studbook, without supplement fee.
  • on presentation of an insemination certificate delivered by an insemination center (50 € per certificate).